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Ghee, just like Nani made it

We source our butter from the best farms, that take the commitment of sustainable farming seriously.

We work with small farmers in New Zealand and Australia to source the most nutrient dense butter on the market.

We bring it over as butter and cook it the old fashioned way, in open top kettles, and never in a centrifuge. We also use a gravity feed triple filtration process ensuring nothing but pure golden Ghee in every jar we make.

Our ghee allows you to cook at high heats, while being a healthy and delicious alternative to regular butter and vegetable oils.

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High Heat Cooking Oil

Tin Star Foods ghee has a 485º smoke point, so you can roast meats and vegetables without producing toxic fumes or harmful free radicles.

Vitamin Packed Nutrition

Our Ghee is full of essential vitamins and nutrients including Vitamin A & E, K2, butyric acid and short, medium and long chain fatty acids

Gourmet made easy

Tin Star Foods will make any ordinary dish extraordinary! Adding just a teaspoon of ghee while you sauté meats or veggies will highlight the flavor profiles better than any other cooking oil.

Just the way mama used to make it

The Tin Star Story


This ghee is the best ghee I've ever tasted. My kitchen won't be without it! I love the flavor of it, love that the butter is of excellent quality, and love that it's made with love by a wonderful small business with top-notch customer service.

CALISTA (Amazon Verified Purchase)

I am on my third time ordering this product, and I absolutely love it. I use it on my eggs every single morning and it adds such amazing flavor to all of my cooking. I started buying it as part of The Whole30 program, and now I can't imagine cooking without it. Highly recommend this product to anyone considering ghee and/or who loves the flavor of browned butter.

STEPHANIE L. (Amazon Verified Purchase)

I've tried several brands of ghee because I have had mixed results from trying to make my own. I really prefer Tin Star, especially their brown butter ghee. The flavor is great. I use it for most of my cooking purposes and for just "butter" on cooked veg.

PAMELA D. (Amazon Verified Purchase)

My functional medicine doctor recommended Tin Star Brown Butter Ghee after we found out that I have a reaction to dairy. It's been a life saver. It adds so much flavor to my cooking and I love using it every morning in my coffee.

Amazon Customer (Amazon Verified Purchase)

This cultured ghee and the cultured brown butter ghee by Tin Star Foods are the only 2 ghees that I currently 100% trust for my very sensitive self. I have spoken with Hima directly and her attention to detail and care for her clients is unmatched! Additionally this ghee tastes incredible and provides amazing nutrition!

Deanna W (Amazon Verified Purchase)

Brown Butter Ghee is, in a word, wonderful. We used it for our sweet potato dish at Thansgiving. Everyone loved it. It has a nutty sweet flavor that reminds me of my mother's cooking. We have purchased several for Christmas gifts!

ClickforLife (Amazon Verified Purchase)

The best ghee on the market, when they say NO lactose they mean it - ZERO GI distress from this ghee, I bake with it, cook with it , you can do everything with it, except keep it in the pantry - my advice: BUY 2 you will run out faster than you realize, it's just that good!

Jessica Dye (Facebook Review)

This is the best tasting Ghee I've ever experienced. They also make a Brown Butter that is out of this world...I keep telling people that it is what Love tastes like.

Paula Shin (Facebook Review)

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