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Ghee Benefits: 10 Reasons Ghee Is A Superfood!

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What are superfoods and is ghee a superfood? Are they for real, or a well fabricated marketing ploy?

It can be hard to celebrate fact from fiction these days, but the prevailing wisdom is that there are some foods that are really, really good for the body--and others being labeled as such that are just, well, everyday food.

It’s unlikely that any of them will impart superpowers to humans anytime soon, but superfoods can be an important aspect of a healthy diet. It’s on consumers to make sure their dietary choices, superfood or not, are beneficial to their body and not an unwarranted assault on the pocketbook.

Here are 10 reasons why ghee is a superfood.

1. Ghee is nutritionally dense, meaning it’s packed full of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, K, and health-benefiting nutrients, key players in overall health.

2. Ghee is a versatile and proven effective carrier of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients with which it’s loaded. The ancient Indian staple can be used in nearly any dish and is eaten as-is at some Indian weddings.

3. SEX! Haha, just getting your attention, but in truth the cholesterol-rich saturated fats in ghee provide the components needed to create testosterone, estrogen and more.

4. Ghee is made from butter, an important source of butyrate a.k.a. butyric acid, a detoxifier known to have many positive health benefits.

5. In moderation, the cholesterol in ghee is a positive force in the body, which produces more of it during times of stress and/or sickness, especially when there’s inflammation.

6. Essentially cooked-down butterfat, ghee is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, strong natural antioxidants adept at removing toxins from the body.

7. Though made from butter, ghee is lactose free due to the ages-old cooking process used to make this gift to the palates and health of the lactose intolerant.

8. It’s easily digestible! Enough said.

9. Ghee has been used as treatment for a wide variety of ailments over thousands of years, for everything from the flu to joint pain, and even as a skin moisturizer.

10. Far from saving the least for last, ghee is a superfood because it can be stored at room temperature and has an incredible staple shelf life--especially useful in warmer areas of the globe.

Not convinced ghee is a superfood yet? Fair enough. We’d love to hear more reasons that YOU think ghee is a superfood. How has ghee benefitted your health, your life, those you love? We’ve started the list, now let’s grow it together.

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