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What is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and What Do They Do?

Tin Star Foods 21DSD NTP Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

By Natalie Washabaugh, NTP

It is becoming more common for people to seek help from sources outside of the medical field due to time constraints imposed on doctors by insurance companies, their lack of nutrition training, and the need for more individualized approaches to health.  Illness is not a one size fits all matter, and neither is wellness. Working with a certified holistic health coach like a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) or Nutritional Therapy Consultant can provide you the necessary time required to hash it out with someone whose primary focus is to improve overall wellness with nutrition and supplementation supports, as needed.  

Nutritional therapy uses a holistic approach to health - characterized by the treatment of the whole person. This approach takes into account lifestyle, mental and social factors rather than just focusing on the physical symptoms that are manifesting from your disease. Using the tools and knowledge gained from the Nutritional Therapy Association programs, NTPs/NTCs work with you to identify underlying causes of symptoms in the body, and correct imbalances through diet and lifestyle changes. We focus on whole food nutrition, supplementation, herbal and homeopathic approaches to assist in your body’s natural ability to heal.

As an NTP/NTC, we do not treat or heal specific conditions. Instead, we provide education and advice to people who have or are experiencing conditions. Together, we work to support the body’s nutritional needs, offering it a chance to effectively care for itself through proper nutrition, appropriate movement, stress management and quality sleep. It is important to remember that your health did not deteriorate overnight, so we cannot expect it to improve as such! When starting nutritional therapy, you can expect to be working consistently and diligently for some time to allow your body to return to a state of wellness.

Your healing journey is unique to you. No two people will experience the same process, even if the root cause of their symptoms is identical. There are some factors that are the similar for everyone while going through a nutritional therapy approach.

You will:

  • Learn what a truly healthy diet looks like for you
  • Identify and eliminate food sensitivities
  • Focus on proper digestion
  • Manage blood sugar dysregulation
  • Support your endocrine functions and adrenal health
  • Work to rid your body of exposure to harmful chemicals

Nutritional therapy is not a quick fix. The process takes time and effort, but the rewards are tremendous. You are step-by-step, rebuilding your body from the inside out. You are addressing your health concerns at a cellular level. We do not put band-aids on, or mask symptoms. We do not use shakes, pills or magic powders to get the job done. We identify the root cause of your issues and help your body correct imbalances, resulting in a well functioning, thriving body. It's time to enjoy a happy, healthy, active life!

To begin your journey to health, head to the NTA Provider Search to find a practitioner. There you will find a list of providers, their contact information and the specific populations with whom they focus their work. Many providers have a free information session to see if working together is a right fit.  

Health is around the corner. What are you waiting for?  

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