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#Pal2Pal - Ghee-E-O Update

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Its been a whirlwind over here in the land of new parenthood, and never have I been so thankful to own a ghee company!! Deciding to breastfeed sometimes feels like it would take an Act of God to get things going smoothly. From lip ties, to forceful letdowns, and then rounding it out with an abrupt decline in milk production, we've been front row and center on the struggle bus. It forced me into having to do whatever it took to try to get supply up again, or at least try. After recently consulting with a postpartum nutritionist and our IBCLC lactation consultant, I was directed to very quickly start loading in more healthy fats and a ton of leafy greens into my diet. I had let my diet slip after the baby arrived. Life happens. I choose to come from a place of "yes" while simultaneously dying on this breastfeeding hill and trying not to lose my mind. Lofty, I know....lets see how long this lasts...we have plenty of natural formula and bottles on standby as well as a fully stocked bar in case I hit my proverbial limit.

Until then, I'm grateful our home pantry is packed to the gills with Ghee and Coconut Oil and the fridge is packed with blocks of grass-fed butter. Since loading my diet with a TON of fat (we're talking globs of butter on my oatmeal in the morning and spoonfuls of brown butter in my greens at night) we're finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

I know one thing is for sure, this process of adjusting my diet with purpose was a great reminder of why I started this company. Because there was a huge gap in what was available and how important it was to close it. It also makes it painfully clear that there's a lot of huge opportunities to bring more nutrient dense foods to the marketplace in a convenient way. I'm extremely excited to be back at work and figure out how to bring more awesome products to the market. I'd love to hear some of your own struggles with transitioning into parenthood and how you used food to overcome them! Feel free to shoot us an email and share your journey at!

- Hima

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