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Donate Your Harvey Relief Items at Tin Star Foods HQ


We have been working with the San Antonio Food Bank to coordinate efforts in bringing supplies to Houston. As many of you know, Houston is shut down in the majority of the areas affected by the flooding. While donating money is an incredible way to give, they need some basic supplies now and are unable to get a lot of deliveries due to road conditions. So they have special teams driving down replenishments, daily, out of Dallas and San Antonio. The teams in charge of receiving donations have asked for very specific items.⠀

  • Diapers⠀
  • Baby Wipes⠀
  • Baby Formula⠀
  • Packaged socks (all sizes)⠀
  • Packaged underwear (all sizes, mens and womens)⠀
  • Feminine Hygiene Products⠀


We are going to be driving these items into San Antonio next Friday, September 8, so we can get a solid amount of collections together. Please bring any of the above-mentioned items to 7801 N. Lamar Blvd E182, Austin TX 78723 between the hours of 9 and 5, Monday through Friday. We will also be in our office on SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 2 from 9-5 to receive donations. ⠀

As a thank you Tin Star Foods will give a free 8 oz jar of ghee to anyone who donates during those hours, no matter how big or small your donation is, anything counts right now. If you can't make it there between 9 and 5, we still want your donations, so please leave them in the box that will be outside of our office. To get this off the ground we will be heading over to Costco tomorrow to pick up $2000 in diapers and formula. Will you help us?

We're asking for those who wish to make monetary donations to do so directly through the San Antonio Food Bank (include "Tin Star Foods Hurricane Harvey Relief" in the special note if you'd like) or CALL 210-366-1434.

For those who wish to donate items listed above but are not local, we are accepting donations via Amazon shipments to our office. Please note that the 8 oz ghee we're handing out as a 'thank you' can only be received in person during the times noted above.

Tin Star Foods
7801 N. Lamar Blvd E182
Austin, TX 78723

Again, thank you so much for your support.

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