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5 Reasons Why Whole30 Will Rock Your World

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Did you miss the January #Whole30 challenge? You’ve read the book, heard stories from friends, and promised yourself that you will start a Whole30 soon. And yet, 2018 is a quarter finished and you have yet to start anything.

First, forgive yourself. Now, here are five reasons why you should start your 30 days today:

1. You’ll feel better.

If you’ve done research about Whole30 then you know that Whole30 will not only end in weight-loss (probably), but it will also increase your energy and generally make the world seem like a brighter, friendlier place to live.

2. Your skin will stop traffic.

Even if you have good skin to start, Whole30 will improve upon it. There is something magical about cutting out dairy, sugar, grains, legumes, and alcohol that leads to your skin looking and feeling clear, soft, and youthful. Botox has nothing on a Whole30.

3. You’ll pick up lifelong good habits.

A Whole30 lasts for 30 days, but some habits can last a lifetime. From embracing black coffee to adding vegetables to every meal, Whole30 lessons don’t always end when your Whole30 is over.

4. You’ll finally use all those wedding gifts you forgot about.

Registering for a wedding is an exercise in optimism. Of course you need a lemon juicer! But you’ve been married five years and used nothing. Whole30 will change all that. Give those cool kitchen tools you forgot existed an excellent work out.

5. You’ll get lifelong bragging rights.

Completing a Whole30 is a serious achievement. One that nobody can take away. Even if you never do one again, you have still done what you once thought impossible…gone 30 days without eating sugar, dairy, legumes, grains, or drinking alcohol. Your friends and family will be forever impressed.

Treat yourself to a Whole30 and earn a lifetime of benefits. Also, shameless plug, but did you know Tin Star Foods ghee and brown butter are Whole30 approved? Yep, our ghee is actually considered a superfood. Learn more here

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