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Terminal Wellness Benefits: Ghee Is About Life

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First off, let’s get going with some reasons ghee is so important to life and overall wellness. Then, we’re going to tell you how our founder, Hima Pal, got into the ghee business because of her own health journey. 

Ghee is useful for those dealing with medical issues, from autoimmune protocol to autism. People with awful illnesses use ghee, and a big part of our mission is to make it accessible and affordable because these people--the ones who need ghee--are the reason Tin Star Foods exists. Our founder, Hima Pal says, "we want to connect to our customers on an emotional level ... Ghee gives them a sense of flavor and normalcy in their diet, which they haven’t had until now." We're proud of what we do. 

9 Reasons Why Ghee is Life: 

  1. Ghee is a useful carrier of other nutritional components like vitamins and nutrients, used to deliver herbal jams, medicated extracts, and other ingestible treatments.

  2. Ghee has been used for thousands of years to treat minor scrapes, burns, and to stop nose bleeds.

  3. Digestion and metabolism both benefit from eating ghee, especially when dietary restrictions make eating other animal fats impossible, uncomfortable, or just plain unappetizing. Ghee’s got your back!

  4. You’ll have to decide for yourself, but many claim ghee lubricates connective tissues, strengthens the nervous system, and improves memory.

  5. Ghee contains a wealth of fat-soluble vitamins: A, D, E, and K, plus other beneficial components including short- and medium-chain fatty acids.

  6. At Tin Star Foods, our ghee is organic and made exclusively with butter produced by cows that are grassfed and raised humanely by farmers in New England, Ireland and New Zealand.

  7. Ghee is a nutrient-rich, saturated animal fat, and when taken in the proper proportion, boosts the immune system.

  8. Ghee is gluten free and can be extremely beneficial for those with IBS, Crohn’s, and certain pancreatic disorders.

  9. When it comes to the food that fuels our bodies, every one is different. If you find ghee benefits your health, huzzah! If not, let’s figure out what does.

Why We Ghee!

Tin Star Foods itself owes its’ existence to the health needs of founder Hima Pal. Diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at the age of 18 while working full-time at an aerospace company in Los Angeles, Pal was due for medication and possible surgery. Instead, she did TheWhole 30 program, finishing it, and honing her nutritional intake daily. A mere 45 days later, Pal felt so much better and, for the first time, fully connected the way in which food plays into stress.

On a mission, Pal began making her own ghee, then made more as friends started requesting it. Eventually, she was driving all over southern California selling ghee. “The first year, we did 12,000 pounds,” says Pal. “We’re tracking for 1.2-million pounds in 2018.” Today, her mission is clear, “ make the most nutrient-rich animal fats on the market accessible, approachable and affordable to our customers.

“Ghee isn’t easy to make, it’s labor intensive and takes a long time,” she continues. “We’re basically taking the labor out of it for home cooks and chefs across the board. The goal is for more and more people to benefit from it, like I did.”

Others Who Ghee!

We’re not the only ones given to waxing poetic about ghee, so we collected some of our favorite wordsmiths putting the goodness that is ghee the best. Enjoy!

“There’s something magical about the golden hue of freshly made ghee resting in a Mason jar on my counter. I love the nutty, rich smell of the ghee-making process, and I know, as I dip my knife into the jar to spread ghee on my toast or add it to a sauté pan, that I’m introducing this high-quality oil into all my cells. In Ayurveda, ghee--especially when made from local, grass-fed, organic, unsalted butter--is the purest essence of the earth element.” --Erin Casperson, Faculty, Kripalu Center For Yoga & Health 

“In Ayurvedic wisdom, religions or the kitchens of India, Ghee is central to our culture. I often stood by my grandma, chin on the kitchen table, watching her make a holy drink on festive occasions. Milk, yogurt, honey, sugar and the fifth element of Panchamrit, the Sanskrit word for five elixirs, is ghee. I loved the taste. I still do. If she ever heard me sniffing, she would run into the kitchen and come back with what she’s call a magic potion, a teaspoon of warm ghee mixed with two to three ground black peppercorns. It worked wonders. It still does.” --Shivangana Vasudeva, NDTV Food. 

Superfood, Super Good!

If you know ghee, you know it has a unique place in the constellation of superfoods bombarding the market these days. If not, read up on it if you’d like: 10 Reasons Ghee Is A Superfood Ghee on!


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